Where to Find High-Quality Goose Down

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There are so many synthetic feather and down pillows on the market that finding real down bedding products can be a challenge. Knowing a few key components about how down is rated, the types of down available, and realistic price ranges will help customers recognize the real product when they see it. Duck and goose down are available. Goose down is the better of the two because clusters are bigger and there are no order issues with goose down.

Down Ratings

Real down is measured in fill power numbers that indicate quality. A high number, like anything in the eight-hundred range, is considered superior quality and will last for decades. A number in the six-hundred range is standard quality, while a fill power number of seven-hundred is excellent quality.

The fill number refers to the space, in cubic inches, that one ounce of down will occupy. Small clusters take up less space and have a lower fill power number. No real down will not lose its shape or softness if taken care of properly, but a higher fill power number will last longer than lower numbers. If a product has no number, it is not authentic down.


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Put simply, there is no such thing as cheap down. Real down is an investment that will seem high initially. The cost is worth it because the product will last for decades. Lower pricing may be found online, but research the company before making a purchase.

One example of an experienced company that offers and guarantees real goose down and feather products is Down & Feather. The company has been making down and feather products in America since 1983. Hungarian white goose down is the only source of their materials for the highest quality. Those interested can find more information on the website.

Prolonging the Life of Down

Protect real down or feathers from water and oils. Excess moisture will ruin a down pillow so a thick pillowcase or watertight protector is recommended. It is also wise not to go to bed with wet hair. Oils from hair products, beauty creams, or makeup over time will also destroy down over time. If cleaning of the actual down pillow or bedding becomes necessary, an experienced dry cleaner can treat the down with no water.

With proper care, down can be the last pillow or bedding product that is purchased. Synthetic down will not last as long or hold its shape like the real thing. Pay attention to labels and descriptions and always look for the fill power number.

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